Python Eats Porcupine Whole, Then The Unexpected Happens…

This is the last meal it will require for quite some time

The crocodile is fully consumed at this point. Because of its size and the bony nature of the crocodile, it will take months for the python to fully digest. Although rich in protein, the bones are the most difficult to parts to digest. If a prey is large enough, it could take the python up to a year to fully digest.


If you’re planning to visit an area of the world where you may encounter pythons in the wild, some precaution is necessary. They are ambush predators, meaning they remain totally still and camouflaged until they see an opportunity to strike. So keep your eyes peeled.

Thankfully they are not known to commonly attack people unless they feel provoked. The exception, as with many otherwise docile animals, is mothers who feel their eggs are threatened.

Reports of attacks on humans used to be par for the course in South and Southeast Asia but now it’s much less common.