Here’s The Secret iPhone Codes That Apple’s Been Hiding From You.

Sometimes it feels like our iPhones are kind of like a personal assistant that we can actually afford: We take them everywhere with us, they keep our lives organized, and we rely on them to complete tasks ranging from large to small. But few know about these iPhone hacks that can actually improve our lives as well — they’re a little complicated, but they might actually be worth the effort.

Below, we outline some of the secret codes programmed into iPhones that can help you access information and functions you may not have known about. For instance, did you know that you can actually find out where your text messages go when you send them into the void? Or that you can actually block your caller ID so you can make anonymous calls to people you don’t want to realize its you? These specific codes can help with those things and more, so if you’re in need of things like signal strength, anonymity, or just need to block the hell out of someone: Check these out


For starters, there’s an option for complete anonymity.

With this simple hack, you can feel free to call your crush and then decide at the last minute you can’t handle the pressure.



Source: Tech Insider