Insane Vending Machines You Didn’t Know You Needed…#26 Is Over The Top

First things first: why aren’t more things available in vending machines? Sure, you can get your sodas, cup of noodles, and even bowling socks from a vending machine, but what about beer, headphones, and red Skittles? There’s a vending machine for that? There’s a vending machine for that!

Apparently, you can buy just about anything in a weird vending machine if you’re willing to go halfway across the world to drop your money in a machine that may or may not be supplying you with the right sized pair of jeans. While many of these crazy vending machines are in Japan and China (dreamers, all of them), there are some bizarre vending machines in the U.S. and Europe as well.

Does your desk need some new flair? There’s a machine for that. Got a cupcake craving? There’s a machine for that. From the glorious (LEGOs and lobsters) to the weird (live bait and crab), there seems to be a machine that dispenses it. Heck, there are weed vending machines in Colorado now. WEED!


Collect those quarters and get ready to be envious of some of the best vending machines in the world.


1. Convenience Store



Photo: Gaynelle Terry- Wyatt/via Pinterest


In Australia you’ll find all the best parts of a convenience store – travel size toiletries, Snickers, Aspirin – without the smelly guy pumping nacho cheese into a bag of Fritos.