Coolest Rooms in the White House (And What Happens in Them)

The White House is a massive mansion, and each room in it has a different purpose and a unique history. This list will tell you all about what are the most interesting rooms in the White House, and what happens in them. You’ve probably already heard of many of these, or even seen them in movies or on television, but many of them will be unfamiliar – the lesser known White House rooms with stories waiting to be told.


This kind of White House history will give you some insight into how the role and demands of the president and the rest of the executive branch have changed over the years. The rooms of the White House have been created or altered throughout history to suit the needs of each new president. Take a dive in and explore the presidential palace.


1 The Oval Office



Photo: The White House/flickr


What goes down here: The president works, makes phone calls, has meetings, entertains guests, and occasionally gives televised addresses.

Notable events: JFK announced news of the Cuban Missile Crisis; Richard Nixon announced his resignation; George W. Bush addressed the country after the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Where you’ve seen it in movies/TV: House of Cards, The West Wing, Veep, 24, Selma, Frost/Nixon, W., Deep Impact, National Treasure II