If He’d Bought This It’d Cost $2000. Instead He Spent $125…2 Days Later? I Need One!

Growing up in the suburbs meant that I spent as much of my summer outside as I could.

As a kid we would play hide-and-go-seek in the backyard. If the night was warm enough we would sometimes set up a tent and sleep outside. If the temperature dropped too low, luckily we had a fire pit and my dad could start a fire. We would all huddle around the pit and even make s’mores sometimes. But when I saw this awesome DIY project, I realized that those nights around the fire could’ve been even more perfect.

I found this really cool project on A Beautiful Mess, where Joshua Rhodes builds a beautiful bench for a fire pit. What a great idea!

Joshua’s bench is an amazing addition for any backyard fire pit. I’m jealous that I didn’t have one when I was growing up. Now Joshua can sit around with his friends and cozy up to the fire on a chilly summer evening. Time to break out those s’more supplies.

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Joshua originally planned on making a bench to encapsulate the entire fire pit with a split hexagonal shape. He quickly realized that a full 360 degree bench would look too big for the space, so he settled on a bench for one side.

Fire pit bench layout

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