BEFORE and AFTER: She Had A Rare Facial Condition That Resulted In Surgery “It’s Changed My Life Completely.”


Some people have the misfortune of being born with chronic conditions, medical maladies that they have to deal with from their time they’re born, all the way into adulthood. Others develop illnesses later on in life, unexpected issues that crop up for seemingly no reason at all and could be deadly. And there are those of us who develop normally, remaining relatively healthy and wondering how we got so lucky.

Ellie Jones doesn’t fit into any of those categories. She’s a young woman who didn’t even realize that she had an issue until she was 14, and what transpired next changed the trajectory of her entire life. Her condition wasn’t life-threatening, but it did damage her mental health in more ways than one. See how it was diagnosed, what they did to treat it, and ultimately, how major of a transformation it really was, below. You’re not going to believe her before-and-after photos.


Ellie Jones was a young woman with a very peculiar problem.

When she went to get braces at the age of 14 and the orthodontist realized her jaw hadn’t grown since she was eight.



YouTube/Daily Post News


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