DNC Leak Is GUSHING – Hundreds of Democratic Party Officials Affected…




Thought you heard the last of the DNC hacking scandal? Think again.

Looks like things could be even worse than we thought at first.

From Daily Caller:

An investigation by the FBI has revealed the hack against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) may be much larger than expected.

According to The New York Times, the hack extended well beyond the DNC, and may have affected hundreds of other Democratic party officials and organizations, including the Democratic Governors Association.

The FBI briefed staff members of the House and Senate intelligence committees last week on the investigation into the email hacks against the DNC in July. The FBI told staff it has no doubt that the Russian government was behind the hack, according to The New York Times, citing an anonymous staff member briefed on the matter.

Things just keep getting worse and worse.

Between the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, is there anyone in that entire party that knows how to use email?

I mean it’s 2016 people.

Figure it out!

But in the meantime, you aren’t trustworthy enough to be president.



Feature Photo Source: Yahoo.com

Source: youngcons.com

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