“Sharia Police” Seen Patrolling the Streets…




by John S. Roberts

Islam seeks to dominate the world, and many countries are making it possible – even easy.

Europe opened their doors to refugees.

So has America.

Now, “Sharia Police” are being spotted patrolling the streets in Germany.

Won’t be long before it begins happening in other places, too.

From Express:



These immigrants refuse to adapt because of how liberal the entire world has become.

Most people are now too afraid of telling people off; or telling them to cut the nonsense and start acting like the rest of us constitution-following citizens.

It’s like, Hey, buddy, we didn’t go to your country. You came to ours. Bend to our ways or get out!

Problem is, feminists and progressives have made people – especially politicians – effeminate.

Everyone is weak, but Islam grows stronger.


Source: Youngcons

H/T: Weasel Zippers

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