FOIA Document Shows Obama and Hillary Knew Their Actions Would Create ISIS




by John S. Roberts


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Obama and Hillary were responsible for the creation of ISIS, and the left went wild.

Probably because they know it’s true and are now trying to cover.

The Islamic State formed after Obama (and then-SecState Hillary) pulled our troops out of the Middle East too soon, leaving a major void – which ISIS eagerly filled.

Trump later said he was being sarcastic about his comment, then said he wasn’t really being sarcastic at all.

Turns out Trump was right in the first place.

Obama and Clinton knew what would happen per the actions they took, according to a 2012 Freedom of Information Act document…

From Russia Insider:







How about them apples?

They knew, and they allowed it to happen.

Is that not treasonous?


H/T: Gateway Pundit


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