Emotional Groom Watches As His Paralyzed Bride Walks Down The Aisle… (tissue please)


A bride’s walk down the aisle is always a touching part of a wedding ceremony. It was definitely the most emotional one in this case.




Bride Jaquie Goncher, 25, who was paralyzed from her neck down from the age of 17, surprised her wedding guests by stepping up from the wheelchair during her bridal walk.
After suffering a spinal cord injury in a swimming accident, doctors claimed that Jaquie would probably never walk again. But she beat the odds when just six months later she was able to stand. Still, for the next eight years Jaquie mostly relied on her wheelchair.

Being an athlete before the accident, the hardest part for Jaquie was not being able to do her workouts. “I would go to the gym and get so frustrated that I wouldn’t go back, I was trying to make myself do it but I kept failing at it and then I would be disgusted with myself,”- said Jaquie in an interview with Cosmopolitan. But finally, a year before her wedding, Jaquie decided on one goal – to be able to stand and walk at her wedding. As we can see from these magical photos taken by Love Stories By Us, not only did she achieve her goal of walking – she even danced as well!

The groom is surely lucky to have such a strong and incredibly beautiful (did you see her mermaid green hair and her stunning dress?) woman as his wife. We wish them both a lifetime of happiness!


At the age of 17 Jaquie Goncher suffered a swimming accident, which left her paralyzed from the neck down



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