Compare Obama’s Response to Louisiana Flooding VS Bush’s Katrina Response in 2005


Devastating Comparison Between Obama’s Baton Rouge Flood Response And Bush’s Response To Katrina Speaks Volumes




Liberals hammered George W. Bush for his response to Katrina.  Remember when he flew over the flooded areas but didn’t land?
Remember Kanye West’s insane comment?




Well, it seems like liberals have a really short memory because a dozen people have been killed by a devastating flood in Baton Rouge and President Obama is nowhere to be found. In fact, he was hitting the golf course and vacationing.

Here’s the comparison.

From IJ Review:




You can read the rest of the points at IJ Review but I think you get the picture.
Obviously the Katrina situation was much more devastating.  But I mean come on, you can’t even bother to show up?
President Obama is putting out some horrible optics while President Bush clearly was putting Americans first.
People probably won’t be honest about it, but I think a lot of Americans out there secretly miss President Bush for reasons just like this.

Here is a more visual comparison.








Got it.  Loud and clear.


by Andrew Mark Miller



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