He Promised His Sick Mother A Gold Metal…He Kept That Promise.


The Olympics are a rare time when representatives from many different countries come together for both some fierce competition and to show touching sportsmanship.


In the end, the sports event isn’t just about winning. It’s about being fair, compassionate, and a team player.

Each and every athlete wants to win the top prize of course — the coveted gold medal. Team USA’s Jeff Henderson, a long jumper, recently won that prize, and he couldn’t be happier! His friends and family were surely also overjoyed when his win was announced.

But it wasn’t just winning the gold medal that mattered to the 27-year-old. It was being able to able to present it to his mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 10 years ago. Before leaving for Rio, he made her a promise: he would return home to Arkansas with the medal in hand, which he would dedicate to her.

The athlete made good on his promise and arrived home to a hero’s welcome.

Henderson gently placed the medal on his mother’s bed, which was draped with the American flag, and posted a photo of the scene on Instagram. The touching moment quickly gained momentum, and now everyone is talking about it!


Jeff Henderson is a long jumper for Team USA.



Instagram/ Jeffery Henderson


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