The Five Reasons Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President


You won’t see another article like this one anywhere else in the mainstream news media; certainly not in The Huffington Post.

That’s because it’s blatantly obvious that the media doesn’t want Donald Trump to be elected President.




Think about it: with the possible exception of Fox News, Breitbart and Drudge, there isn’t one news outlet that isn’t supporting Hillary Clinton.

And if you think Americans don’t like our current President or Congress, there’s new reason to believe that Americans trust journalists and media people even less than our roundly despised elected leaders.

A 2012 Gallup poll—don’t trust polls, as I drive home later … but this one is to be trusted—shouted “U.S. Distrust in Media Hits New High,” as if it was unbelievable. It wasn’t, LOL, and can only have gotten worse in the four years since.

Turns out that while 60% of those asked had “little or no trust in the mass media,” only 10% had “a great deal of trust and confidence” in the media. I read this as 90% of America was not enamored of the press in 2012.

Lastly, 44% said the news media are “too liberal” while only 19% said it was “too conservative.” (What, I like to imagine are those clueless 19% like?)

All of this stale data gives us some idea of precisely why you won’t see an article taking this thrust or political orientation anywhere else. Why is this important? Figure it out.

Just as I watch Maddow, Matthews, Todd and other Leftist “journos,” so too should Liberals read this if only to find out what the enemy is thinking.

It also speaks to why I am one of the only—if not the only Conservative writer on HuffPo. (Great thanks for this go out to Arianna Huffington for her foresight.)

Here now, the Five Reasons:


1. Donald Trump’s Campaign Rallies




Nothing can top a Trump Rally. I’ve been to both a Trump and Clinton Rally and they are night-and-day different.

Hillary’s event was in a gymnasium, poorly attended, had an audience that needed constant prodding. At the last minute, a bunch of unrelated crowd-fillers were scooted in awkwardly and trained up to cheer when cued. There were no protesters, as if nobody has anything to protest Hillary about. And Hillary’s speech was wooden, shrill and without passion.

Compare this to the organized, excited buzz of a Trump Rally. Over 4500 people filling a 4000-capacity nightclub. with thousands of disappointed yet still excited Trumpers outside who couldn’t get in but waiting anyway.

Inside Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Women, Gays (many holding ‘Blanks’ for Trump signs, that’s how I knew), pregnant women and lots of children, running around and allowed to have fun and play. It was a safe environment with people who exhibited manners and seemed to make room for each other.

The press at the event I attended reported “thousands of anti-Trump protesters.” I went to investigate. What I saw were a very motley crew of approximately 75 miscreants, uncoordinated and unable to intelligently describe what was wrong with Trump or what their gripes were. A reasonable conversation was impossible. Turns out, these poor souls were bused in, given $20 and a sandwich for their trouble. Or to start trouble. Pathetic.

It’s the first event I’ve been to in my life that started with The National Anthem, a benediction prayer AND The Pledge of Allegiance. (A commentary on the current state of our country is the fact that I hadn’t spoken the Pledge since I was a grade-schooler—a horrible situation.) There were American flags festooned all over the place, unlike the first night of the DNC.

And when Donald Trump spoke, people listened. When people protested, he asked them to leave until the audience took that upon themselves, chanting “Trump, Trump. Trump” until the interrupters left on their own, gladly.

All in all, Trump has created something really special with his rallies. Something no other political candidate has replicated ever, because Trump’s one of a kind. The difference in his rallies is one of the things that will get him elected.


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