Hillary’s Former Adviser Speaks Out… She is “Incapable of Telling the Truth and Ties Herself in Knots,”


Former Hillary Adviser Explains How “Living In A Bubble” Her Whole Career Is Coming Back To Haunt Her




Hillary Clinton has a really hard time identifying with average Americans. You’d be hard pressed to find a politician more out of touch than

her. I mean, she hasn’t driven a car since the late 90s. That tells you all you need to know.




Dick Morris, who used to work for her, had some more to say.

From Western Journalism:




Dick Morris isn’t always right. In fact, he’s been really wrong about some things.

But he is absolutely correct here. Any other Democrat would be crushing Trump right now thanks to some of his gaffes and the media’s control.

But her lead is slowly evaporating and Trump is going to be right there with her on election day.


Here is the audio.



Source: YoungCons.com

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