The MOMENT The Military List Hillary As An Inside Threat To America, Look What Happens…

Come On…

Just a couple of days ago a leaked Army brief listed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as aninsider threat to the United States.

Most people probably nodded their heads in agreement.

Now, the Army has pulled the training slide.

I wonder who told them to do it?

The United States Army removed a slide from a PowerPoint presentation that listed former Secretary Hillary Clinton and retired Gen. David Petraeus as “insiders” who threaten national security.

According to the Army Times, the two were listed along with Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, who are accused of leaking secret documents, as well as Nidal Hasan, who did the Ft. Hood shooting and Aaron Alexis, responsible for the 2013 Navy Yard shooting.

The image was posted on U.S Army W.T.F! moments Facebook page:


How does the left defend this?

I don’t see Donald Trump listed on this photo. (And, for some reason, Barack Obama isn’t on it, either. )

Bottom line: the whole country knows Clinton is a disaster.

That’s precisely why she was shunned during the 2008 presidential race, and it’s why she’ll lose in 2016.


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