Shameful: What Hillary Just Did To Police Should OUTRAGE All Americans!

Democrats always try to tell us that they don’t dislike the police and they aren’t anti-police.

No guys…you really are against the police and it shows in everything you do and support.

I’m not sure how much more evidence you need.

When George Soros, the left’s top money man, is pumping millions of dollars into an organization that supports eliminating the police in some cases.

You don’t like the police.

The latest example comes from Hillary, the head of the party.

From Weasel Zippers via American Mirror:

Hillary Clinton may have indicted her real feelings about law enforcement officers by refusing to fill out a police union endorsement questionnaire.

One America News reports the Fraternal Order of Police sent a list of questions to both Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump.

Trump’s answers covered 12 pages.

Clinton, meanwhile, “refused” to answer anything at all.

Hillary won’t even fill out a form?

Anyone who makes it clear they have zero interest in being supported by the police, is not on the same team as the police.

This is the same person who refused to even let uniformed police be on the floor at her convention.

The people that protect Hillary every day apparently aren’t worth the time to fill out a piece of paper.


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