After 49ers QB Doesn’t Stand for National Anthem, Lifelong Fan Does What True Americans Have Been Dying…

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick didn’t just tick off current and former athletes and a black Army Ranger, but he’s also alienating his team’s own fans by refusing to stand for the National Anthem.

Normally you see videos of people burning jerseys after a player scorns the team and leaves town (like when LeBron James went to Miami, for example).

Not this time.

This lifelong niners fan is so mad with Kaepernick that, well, just watch…

A self-described “lifelong” San Francisco 49ers fan had a fiery response to quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem in protest of America’s “oppression” of black people.

“He says he’s oppressed, making $126 million,” the man says in the video. “Well, Colin, here’s my salute to you. Here’s my salute to you sitting on the bench for the rest of the year; sitting while you pee for the rest of your life; my salute to you.”

The 49ers fan then set his Kaepernick jersey on fire while playing the national anthem. He made sure to take off his hat and put his hand over his heart for the duration of the patriotic tune.


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