NY Giants Send CLEAR Message to the Country After 49ers QB Refuses to Stand for National Anthem

Members of the New York football Giants (in their patriotic red, white, and blue uniforms) stood shoulder to shoulder while the National Anthem was being played before last night’s preseason game.

Somewhere, Colin Kaepernick is – or should be – handing his head in disgust.

From Independent Journal Review:

Right now, other NFL players are keeping quiet about the controversy.

But the way the New York Giants acted during the National Anthem during the pre-season game on Saturday could be their silent way of responding.


Here’s how the 49ers organization feels about their $100 million quarterback shunning his country and all the men and women who have served…


All Kaepernick did when he refused to stand for the Anthem was show his ignorance.

Black people are not “oppressed” by America.

They’re “oppressed” because they keep voting for liberal candidates whose policies do not allow them to thrive.

And let’s stop with this notion that white cops are out to get black males. This isn’t the first half of the 20th century anymore.

Racism seemed to be nearly extinct before Obama took office, and he’s the one who shoulders the blame for the declension in patriotism.

Kaepernick is just another example of the liberal media gone wild; spouting falsehoods and claiming them as fact.

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