JUST IN: The Number Of Deleted Benghazi Emails Found Is MIND-BLOWING!

About a week ago, Benghazi-related documents were found to have been deleted by Hillary Clinton.

Was it one?

Maybe two total?




From Newsmax:

The State Department says about 30 emails involving the 2012 attack on U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya, are among the thousands of Hillary Clinton emails recovered during the FBI’s recently closed investigation into the former secretary’s use of a private server.

From Washington Examiner:

A judge asked the agency to speed up its review of the documents in preparation for release to Judicial Watch, the conservative-leaning group that filed the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, according to its president.

The emails were included among the roughly 15,000 emails FBI agents said they pulled from Clinton’s server.

Others were deleted beyond recovery after the Democratic nominee’s team used a digital tool called BleachBit to scrub the hardware that was eventually confiscated by law enforcement agents.

Remember, these were just the emails that were found.

Imagine how many more haven’t been found.

Can’t believe anything Hillary says.

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