17 Year Old Video Exposes How Trump REALLY Treats Minorities…Media Silent

The media has successfully convinced impressionable voters that Donald Trump is a racist.

There’s no basis for it, but that’s how they play the game.

Every Republican is a racist no matter what.  It’s an effective blueprint unfortunately.

Think about this rationally for one second.

Donald Trump was a real estate mogul and TV star for decades.

Why did we never hear about his unbridled racism?

Why did NBC give him a show for all those years if he was a racist?

Because he wasn’t.  And isn’t.

We didn’t start hearing about racism until he announced his run.

That’s when the media started to purposely misrepresent things he said in order to divide people against each other.

If you need more proof…

Check out what Jesse Jackson had to say about Trump’s treatment of minorities in 1999.

Well that’s weird!

So I guess Trump just woke up one day and was a racist?

Give me a break.

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