After 77 Years of Marriage, They Leave This World Together Holding Hands…


They say that when two people have been together for a long time, they become intertwined on an almost otherworldly level.


You see this most often with couples who have been together for decade after decade; it’s as if all of that shared time and life experience feeds an empathetic link between the two souls.  Perhaps that’s part of the reason that so many couples who share years of partnership also leave the world at roughly the same time, sometimes within 24 hours.





In an age where many of us have seen people couple up and part again as they try to find the “One,” there’s something exceptionally beautiful about two people who find each other and stick together, offering each other support and solace until the very end.

The latest example was posted to Reddit this past weekend, and might just be one of the most bittersweet photos we’ve ever seen.


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