OUTRAGED Mom Responds To School Assignment on Islam…”If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer.”


Mom Sends Teacher A Note After Finding Out Lesson Is On Islam…




Why are we teaching American kids about Islam while leaving out the “radical” portion?

It makes zero sense.

We’re at war this very moment – and have been for the last 14-plus years – with radical Islamists, and we want future generations of children to learn about the Quran?


Here’s a mother’s response to her seventh grade son’s homework…

From Conservative Tribune via Mad World News:





Here is one of the pages from the textbook, per the seventh grader’s mother…




Sad Face!

Pretty crazy that a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles is no longer permitted to teach Christianity in schools, but Islam – Islam – is acceptable.

It’s almost like educators these days (or the people calling the shots) want to see America fail.

Yeah. Almost.

This mother took a stand, and hopefully more will too.


Source: youngcons


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