VIDEO: Tornado Stopped After Church Prayerfully Declares The Name Of Jesus

A village in the Philippines was in the direct path of a tornado, yet villagers stood their ground and prayed for it to stop in the name of God; miraculously, the tornado stopped short of hitting the neighborhood.

Reports from various sites have not disclosed the name of the village, but the video posted on YouTube shows a rural setting. The villagers did not falter when they realized a tornado was heading their way.  Instead of running for their lives, they chose to stand their ground and pray hard in hopes that God will listen to their prayers and make the twister stop.

There were those who could be heard shouting prayers at the top of their lungs while some were murmuring words that didn’t seem to make sense.  Many commenters in the original YouTube post claim those incoherent words were proof that the villagers were ‘speaking in tongues’.

As the tornado came closer, the people shouted louder; they called upon Jesus for help.  Little by little, the twister began to dissipate until it was completely gone; It never hit the village where the folks were fervently praying. One of the villagers who witnessed the event posted the video on YouTube on November 8th, 2014 and since then the clip has over 600,000 views as of writing.

Watch this incredible moment of the twister dissolving in the video below:

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