To Show Respect for A WWII Veteran’s Passing, this 9-Year-Old Waited in The Rain for Over 30 Minutes


Jeremiah Joseph “Jerry” O’Keefe III was an American World War II veteran and decorated fighter pilot ace. He was philanthropic, respected by his community, and beloved by his wife and 13 children.




On August 23, 2016, Jerry O’Keefe passed away at the age of 93. While his funeral was emotional, heartfelt and attended by veterans, loved ones and admirers alike, it was a simple act during the procession — by a complete stranger — that went viral.

As the funeral procession winded its way through the streets of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, the O’Keefe family looked out the window and noticed a little boy standing barefoot on the roadside, hand over his heart, in the pouring rain.  The boy, who did not know Jerry O’Keefe but knew of his legacy, stood in the same position for 30 minutes until the procession passed.

The family was so touched that they snapped a picture and shared it on Facebook, asking if anyone could identify the boy.  His plea went viral, and wait until you see what happened NEXT…


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