Trump’s Answer to Reporters Question “Who is God to You?” Has Everyone Talking.


“Who is God to You?” Trump Replies… “God is the Ultimate”




Donald Trump has taken a beating in the past for not being very religious.

When asked about his favorite Bible verse, he said he “wouldn’t want to get into it.”

He then said the Bible was his favorite book, but he has never asked God for forgiveness.

When asked recently who God is to him, this is what he said…

From CBN News:





He kind of went all over with that response, but ended up where he was supposed to. He Tarantino’d it.

I’m sure his Evangelical fans won’t see a problem there.

Hey, to each their own. When talking about God, Trump likes to talk about Trump.  That’s just him.

Ultimately, it will be nice to have a man of faith back in the White House


Source: youngcons


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