83,000 Americans Lose Their Jobs… Obama Kept His Promise!


Under President Obama, 83,000 Coal Jobs And 400 Mines Have Been Lost


The coal industry has been absolutely decimated under President Obama.




Blinded by faulty data and flawed ideology, President Obama promised the American people he would bankrupt the coal industry that puts food on the table and keeps the lights on for millions of Americans.

Some of the numbers that are being talked about this weekend are devastating.

Check out how Obama fulfilled his promise to kill coal.

From Weasel Zippers via The Daily Caller:




This is an outrage and it might be the most ridiculous thing President Obama has done.  That’s saying something…

The reason this is especially terrible is because President Obama didn’t need to do it.  He did it due to nothing more than rabid ideology and blind dedication to fighting a phony climate change threat.

Hillary loves Obama’s record on coal.  In fact, she promised to put even more coal workers out of work.

If you live in a state where these jobs are critical, voting for Hillary Clinton makes absolutely zero sense.  In fact, the coal industry is vital to every American in the country.  This issue alone should be reason enough to never vote Democrat.


Source: youngcons.com


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