Dying Mother’s Last Words to Her Little Girl: This Letter Needs to Come Home…Do You Know Her?


A letter from a dying woman to her daughter has been discovered in a pile of second-hand books.




Gordon Draper, owner of Bondgate Books in Bishop Auckland, hopes to return the note and an accompanying photograph to its rightful owner.

The letter is addressed to “Bethany” and the writer, whose “chest was very poorly”, says “don’t forget me because I’ll always be your mum”.

Mr. Draper said: “I just thought I have to do something with it.”




He added: “Hopefully we will find this Bethany to hand her it back. My only wish at the moment is to get it back to its rightful owner.”

The letter fell out of a pile of books which had been given to the shop.


It reads:


“Bethany, (My Little Treasure)

If your dad is reading this to you it is because I have died and gone to heaven to live with the angels.  My chest was very poorly and I had an operation to make it better but it didn’t work.  I will always be in the sky making sure you are alright and watching over you so when you see a bright star like in the nursery rhyme Twinkle, Twinkle little star that’s me.  Be a good girl and live a long happy life your dad and Granda will look after you and take you to school.  I will always love you and don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong to talk about me because it’s not.  I hope you don’t forget me because I’ll always be your mom.  Lots of hugs and kisses.


Mom xxx

P.S I’m depending on you to look after Rose for now.  Don’t forget her will you not.”


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Source: BBC


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