Media BLACKING OUT What Just Happened To Hillary At Baptist National Convention…

Turnout for Hillary Clinton events hasn’t been ideal for Democrats.

Liberals are finally starting to notice that the primaries were rigged in her favor, and they’re upset their candidate is someone they passionately dislike.

It is what it is at this point, folks.

Looks like a Baptist convention in Kansas City had to cut their room down by a third due to how few people showed up to hear grandma speak.

Breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

From American Mirror:

National Baptist Convention organizers shrunk the room by one-third after fewer people turned out than expected to hear Hillary Clinton.

Frank Morris, national correspondent for KCUR, tweeted a photo showing a worker moving walls to shrink the meeting room in Kansas City.


If Clinton were an honorable person she’d do the right thing and drop out.

She’d accept the responsibilities of her actions.

That’s not the case.

Hillary and ‘honorable’ go together like cats and mice.

H/T: Gateway Pundit


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