After Being Born with A Rare Condition, Baby Parker’s Transformation Is SHOCKING Doctors!


The story of baby Parker is one, as his father says, of unconditional love.




“I was by his side the whole time talking to him, praying over him, holding his hand, rubbing his head,” his father, Ryan Grelecki says. “That unconditional love just rushes over [you as a parent].”

Parker was born with craniostenosis and hydrocephalus, a condition in which spinal fluid fills the cranial cavity, crowding out a baby’s brain. The result was that Parker’s brain occupied a mere 5 percent of his skull when he was born (in a normal baby, it’s closer to 90 to 95 percent).




In short, as his doctor says, Parker’s condition was astounding.

Within a few days, he underwent surgery to drain the fluid in his skull and relieve the pressure.

His parents were finally able to take Parker home at two weeks, and at four weeks, he started physical therapy.

His mom Crysie notes that it took him a long time to sit up and hold his head up, and he skipped the crawling phase altogether and went right to walking.

Now, his parents can’t praise Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta enough, noting that the staff felt like an “extension” of their own family. Parker’s recovery is only one of many of the hospital’s remarkable success stories.




And as for their son, who now wears glasses and has a full head of golden hair, he’s nearly unrecognizable. His proud mom describes him as a “chatterbox” and a “loving child,” and it’s clear he feels that love for not only his biological family, but also his family at the hospital.

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All credit goes to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. For more information, please visit their website and Facebook.


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