MSNBC Wanted Her To Bash Trump, But NEVER Expected Her To Do THIS On Live TV!

MSNBC is so progressive that they believe every minority in America is stupid for voting Republican.

That’s not one-dimension nor is it bullheaded at all.

Check out how Marine Sergeant Delilah Bustamante handled the jokers at MSDNC while explaining why she’s voting for Donald Trump…

From Daily Caller:

Marine Sergeant Delilah Bustamante explained why she’s voting for Donald Trump during a Wednesday morning interview on MSNBC.

“I’ve been a Republican since day one, joined the military at a young age, then became a police officer,” she told Craig Melvin. “I’m a firm believer in you work hard, keep your money and you succeed by what you put in. I joined the Marine Corps because I knew that.”

Bustamante was asked if she was concerned that Trump has no military experience (because apparently Obama did?)…

“I want people that are going to [enlist to] want to be a part of it, but if you flip the other side, would Clinton really ever join any service?” she posed. “I couldn’t see her ever being in the service either.”

Bustamante was then asked about things Trump has said about Hispanics and women, baiting her into claiming that Trump believes all Mexicans are rapists and criminals – not just illegals who have committed crimes…

[…]“Those are the illegal immigrants that we need to get out of this country. Not only are we taking care of our own country by taking care of our own citizens with our own criminals, American-born criminals, but now we have to worry about these illegal immigrants bringing their criminality from their country here, and we have to worry about them. That’s unfair to our american-born citizens and unfair to everyone.”

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