Audience Erupts After Watching Trump Walk Off Stage to Help Supporter


Trump Calls Doctor To Assist Sick Supporter




The left loves to pretend that Donald Trump is some kind of cold hearted racist monster.  Of course, that’s not based in any kind of reality and it takes about two seconds of research and critical thinking to know that.  Yet the left marches on claiming that Trump is beholden to the KKK and that he hates babies and all kinds of other nonsense.

Check out what happened in the real world during a Trump campaign stop in Asheville, North Carolina earlier this week.

From Political Insider via The Hill:




Here’s The Video



What a monster!  You can disagree with some of Trump’s positions all you want.  But this media nonsense that Trump is an evil guy is getting really boring and played out.


Let’s move on shall we?


Source: YoungCons

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