3 Days After Benghazi, Huma Abedin Sent Hillary THIS Awful Email About…

Three days after the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya came under attack and four men lost their lives while Hillary Clinton slept, top aide Huma Abedin made a joke about the “peaceful protests” that took place afterwards in Egypt.

The protests were not peaceful.

Here’s the email Huma sent to “H”.

“H” is Hillary Clinton.

Abedin wrote, “I’m giving you credit for inspiring the “peaceful” protests.”



Today, Egyptian protesters climbed the walls of the US Embassy in Cairo, pulled down the American flag, ripping it to shreds, then subsequently burning it. The American flag was replaced with an Al Qaeda flag.

On the wall you can see Guy Fawkes masks the symbol of Anonymous and the Occupy movement. Anonymous was involved in some aspects of the Arab Spring. Occupiers were also involved in organizing in Egypt. You can also see “A-C-A-B” which is a common radical/Occupy chant meaning “All cops are bastards” and underneath that is “USA”, seemingly a reference to the United States being regarded as a “policeman” in the region. The bottom right corner of the black flags have “AQ”, presumably for Al Qaeda.


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