Animals With Eyes In The Front – This Fine Collection of Pics Will Have You Rolling!


Animals With Eyes In The Front


Have you ever looked at an animal and wondered why their eyes look like that?

For example, when you look at a cow or a deer, their eyes are not directly in the center of their face with just a little space between them, but their eyes are on either side of their head.

At least you can kind of see both of a deer’s eyes when looking at them from an angle, but a dolphin’s eyes are so far apart and they have that long snout in between. How do they see like that?  If so many animals have their eyes on the sides of their heads, does that mean we’re the ones with the funny eyes?

Maybe our eyes look weird to an animal, but an animal with eyes in the same place that a human has them is much stranger to look at. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget what that deer looks like now!


If I Saw This Deer in My Yard, I’d Run Away as Fast as Possible.





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