Americans MARCH On City Square With Firearms To Protest SHARIA LAW From Infecting Their Hometown…

Oooooh boy, here we go.

Residents of Newton County, Georgia have made it abundantly clear that they will not tolerate the new mosque that is being prepped for construction in their county.

Oh, but it’s not just a mosque these people are protesting. They are also pushing back on the “Muslim-only cemetery” as well as an Islamic school that residents say could lead to homegrown terrorism.

When the concerned citizens were ignored, and plans were made to discuss the creation of another mosque. Realizing that the time for talk was over, these citizens grabbed their firearms and went to the city square.

And did nothing. That’s right, they didn’t shoot anyone, they didn’t even pretend like they were going to shoot someone. They just demonstrated peacefully.


Apparently, this was enough to frighten the Muslims who were planning to attend the meeting because it was canceled.

Of course, the terrorist-tied Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) whined about the residents, claiming the march was “racist” (despite Muslims not being a race) and “Islamophobic” (despite there being very real reasons to fear these things in your area.)

“County leaders shouldn’t allow themselves to be bullied into canceling a public meeting on a controversial issue,” CAIR spokesman Edward Ahmed Mitchell said. “A small group of anti-Muslim extremists were able to frighten a government body into canceling a public meeting. That sends a dangerous message about the power of fringe extremists to affect elected officials.”

Well, actually it’s a showing of the First and Second Amendments listed in the Bill of Rights, but you’re not interested in that, so how would you know?

It’s also worth noting that these people who marched were peaceful, not because they weren’t mad, but because not one of the Muslims in their area is worth going to prison and tarnishing the cause. They are worried about their town, their children, their grandchildren, and their lives. With homegrown terrorism on the rise, there are legitimate reasons to be fearful or upset regarding not one but three new Islamic buildings. The fact that CAIR is more concerned with people being “racist” or “Islamophobic” than it is with making sure that the people of the area feel safe and included in the construction of these buildings shows what their actual purpose is. They don’t care about “American-Islamic Relations” at all, they want Muslims to impose themselves on anyone they please and the people who speak out against it are immediately branded with some sort of insult.

God help America.


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