Grieving Widower Secretly Cares For Grave Site of Fallen Solider… “It was just incredible”


Grieving Widower Brings Joy to Family of Fallen Soldier… “It was just incredible”


In May of 2014, Jake Reissig’s beloved wife of 65 years passed away. Jake and Liz had a storybook romance — a romance of which the heartbroken widower continues to this day.

You see, Jake has a beautiful daily routine in his Texas hometown. At 86 years old, he goes to church each morning. Then he meets one of his nine children for coffee. Then he returns home and clips roses off his garden. Finally, he goes to the Garden Park Cemetery where his wife, Liz, is laid to rest. Jake leaves the roses on her grave and waters the grass around her headstone.

In summer 2015, Texas faced a severe drought. Jake noticed the grass around Liz’s plot was drying up and turning brown, just like many of the other plots at the cemetery. He made sure to water the grass around her stone until it returned to its bright green color.

It was on a summer day at the cemetery when Jake noticed a woman kneeling and crying over another grave.  Jake learned it was the grave of a fallen US soldier — and the crying woman was his sister.  What the old widower did next took the internet by storm…


Even though his wife of 65 years passed away, Jake Reissig has continued to write their epic love story.



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