BREAKING: FBI Director, James Comey- SUBPOENAED By Congress…

It’s not game over yet Hillary! Congress is out to find the truth and in a letter on Sept 9, asked for Comey to release all information he had regarding Hillary’s email scandal that FBI went over as evidence. He did not comply.

So now…Congress has subpoenaed him!

The Washington Examiner reported:

House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, subpoenaed FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday for documents and information related to the security of the private email account and server Hillary Clinton used when she led the State Department.
Smith asked Comey for the documents in a Sept. 9 letter, but then issued the subpoena after Comey failed to comply with the request.

“The committee continues to have questions about the structure and security of the email system used by former Secretary Clinton and whether she and her staff employed cybersecurity standards required by FISMA,” the statement from the committee read.

Rep. Smith earlier requested more information about Hillary Clinton’s server activities, such as the interviews with the Platte River employees involved in setting up and maintaining the private server. Recently, Platte River Networks employee Paul Combetta, who reportedly used BleachBit to “wipe” Hillary’s server, plead the Fifth before Congress.

The obfuscation from the U.S. government over the private email server of Hillary Clinton, whose communication practices while at the State Department undoubtedly put the nation’s security at risk, is an alarming thing. The executive branch is ideally meant to be aloof from election matters; but as we have seen with the IRS, EPA and other government agencies stocked with card-carrying Democrats, “everything is politics.”

Does this mean that a Clinton indictment is still a possibility so close to election? Anything could happen. The ramifications of an indictment so close to election day would be huge for their party- with quite a blow back.

They should have just told the truth a lot earlier…to save themselves the embarrassment, and the trouble. The irony of it being, many Democrats would have gladly traded in Hillary for Bernie or Biden.

Only time will tell what’s going to happen. Here’s hoping that Hillary’s skeletons will bury her career all on their own.


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