Dad Caught Dragging Girl Around Grocery Store By Her Hair


Dad Caught Dragging Girl Around Grocery Store By Her Hair


Disciplining your children is just part of being a parent, and at some point, everyone will have to punish their child for naughty behavior. However, one Texas mom is claiming one dad abused his daughter after seeing the way he ‘disciplined’ his own child in public.




During a trip to Walmart in Cleveland, Texas, Erika Burch couldn’t help but hear a little girl crying and begging her dad to stop. When she turned to look, she saw the father dragging the girl by her hair, which he tied around the shopping cart like a leash.

“He had her hair wrapped around the buggy dragging her! She is begging him to stop! She was saying ‘Please stop, I promise I won’t do it again please stop!’,” said mom Erika Burch, who started snapping pictures of the man as proof.



Photo by Facebook/Erika Burch


Erika asked the man to stop doing that to the girl, but she rudely replied that she needed to mind her own business and she immediately called the police. “The sergeant in Cleveland Tx said ‘He has the right to discipline his children!’ What in the hell!!!! Dragging a little girl by the hair of her head is not proper discipline,” Erika wrote in a post to Facebook after being told  the dad was not technically doing anything wrong.

“They couldn’t take him to jail because there were no visible bruises nor was her hair missing!! This is after I show him pictures of this idiot dragging this baby pulling her hair!! He said in order for it to be abuse there had to be bodily injury to the child.”



Photo by Facebook/Erika Burch


“This is what’s wrong with the world today! Nobody stands up for anyone not even children!! Now this baby had to go home with this monster thinking that nobody cared about her and it’s ok for this animal to pull her by the hair of her head!!!! This is beyond wrong and something needs to be done about it,” Erika wrote in the post, which has since been shared over 100,000 times.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Erika Burch]


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