BREAKING: Debate Committee Issues Disastrous Ruling Against Sick Hillary

Throughout much of the presidential campaign season, the health status of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been a hot topic of discussion, largely owing to her several coughing fits and episodes of bizarre behavior, culminating in her near faint and collapse at the 9/11 memorial service a couple of weeks ago.

Her health issues were likely a top concern of her campaign headed into the first presidential debate at Hofstra University on Monday, as the presidential debate commission just released clarifications on debate rules that could conceivably work against Clinton.

According to the Drudge Report, an unnamed source within the commission revealed that there would be no breaks during the scheduled 90-minute debate, even if Clinton suffers a coughing fit or some other minor medical issue while on stage.

“There are no commercial breaks,” the source stated. “Period.”

Furthermore, moderator Lester Holt of NBC has zero authority to make cameras cut away from the stage or manipulate the audio microphones in any way, meaning Clinton will have no place to hide from the eyes of potentially 100 million viewers (and voters) if she does suffer some sort of medical episode during the debate.

In related news, the debate commission also shot down a request by Clinton’s campaign for a step stool that she could stand on during the debate to help compensate for the immense size difference between her and her Republican rival Donald Trump.

Clinton is believed to stand approximately 5’4″ tall, nearly a foot shorter than the 6’2″ Trump, who will no doubt appear dominating in comparison.

However, the commission was willing to provide Clinton with a custom-built podium specifically for her that should help to accommodate the obvious size difference between the two candidates.

Clinton’s campaign may look at loading up their candidate with whatever drugs they are feeding her on a regular basis to prevent another coughing fit or dizzy spell on stage that would likely ruin any chance she still retains of winning the election.

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