UPDATE REPORT: Washington Mall Terrorist Caught. The Media Doesn’t Want You Knowing What He Said About Hillary… We Do.


Just IN: Washington Mall Terrorist Captured, Media Hiding That he Wanted Hillary to Win




Five people were killed inside a Burlington, WA mall when a gunman opened fire.  He was then on the lamb for a decent amount of time.  No longer.  He has been caught.

Earlier reports said the guy was a “Hispanic” male.  Turns out, Arcan Cetin, 20, is originally from Turkey.

Cetin is a fan of Hillary Clinton, as you’d expect.  Cascade mall is a gun-free zone.


From Weasel Zippers:






Does that make this at least three terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in September alone?

The other two being the bombs in New York and New Jersey.  Hispanic male, huh media?  Does that make Osama bin Laden Cuban?


Source: YoungCons


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