“It’s Over” …Michael Moore Shocks Everyone After the Debate …Did He Really Just Say That?


Michael Moore Rants After the Debate, Says “It’s Over” for Hillary




Socialist filmmaker Michael Moore took to Twitter after last night’s first presidential debate to voice his displeasure with Republican nominee Donald Trump.

In one tweet, Moore called Hillary Clinton “smart, responsible, compassionate.”  Smart? Well, maybe.  She has managed to fool the uninformed for decades.

Responsible? See deleted emails and Benghazi.  Compassionate? Ha!

Tell that to the minority voters who would be crippled by her policies; who she’ll only acknowledge again in four years if she wins in November.  As usual, Moore has proven he’s worthless.


From The Blaze:






Enough with this ‘Trump is a racist’ nonsense.  Name one instance and back it up factually.  Otherwise, it’s slander.

Moore endorsed fellow socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders back in February.


Source: YC

Feature Photo: Michael Moore

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