BREAKING: Steps To Force FBI Director Comey To Resign Over Political Corruption Are Underway…

We all know there are no longer any answer in DC, and all that’s left there is corruption. Maybe you enter DC a good person with good intentions…but eventually in most cases, you catch the plague of corruption that circulates.

It’s like a Hollywood Political horror show… if you don’t have anything to get blackmailed on, well then…the corrupt will create something, even if it’s just the appearance of evil, people will believe it…

So it doesn’t take much…

But, do you think FBI Director Comey is part of that crowd? A victim or inviter to the corruption?
It would seem by the looks of things FBI Director James Comey may become the first casualty of the Clinton scandals, to finally and hopefully lose his job.

That assessment was made by former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova, who forcefully suggested that the hapless director should resign and pronto, after hearing that Comey gave immunity deals to all of Clinton’s top aides, including her chief of staff Cheryl Mills and four other aides in the investigation over the former Secretary of State’s use of a private email server for government business.

Astoundingly Comey offered Mills immunity after she refused to cooperate with the FBI, which actually runs counter to what investigations especially from the FBI are all about, and according to the Associated Press Mills refused to hand over her computer for examination.

DiGenova was quoted as saying: “This now gets to the point of a serious question as to the director’s fitness for office,” then stated that a grand jury should have been convened and they should have issued a subpoena for Mills’ computer.

“The contours of this investigation are so embarrassing to the FBI because it is now clear that they immunized people who had criminal exposure and did not conduct a proper investigation before they gave immunity,” he said.

“This was not a real investigation,” added DiGenova. “This was a ‘protected investigation’ designed to look like an investigation.” He called it a “politically corrupt investigation.”

And apparently congress is listening; hearings on Comey’s fate are scheduled for Sept. 28, 2016, before the House Judiciary Committee.

Hillary appears to have many people protecting her run for the presidency. They have built a wall around her, that is allowing her to look like death, talk like pinocchio, and do whatever the hell she wants. It’s disgusting.

Now a judge has even ruled to keep her emails hidden from voter’s eyes until AFTER the election…

We need a miracle in October with WikiLeaks big release on Hillary..

Hope it does us good.

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