You Can’t Make This Stuff Up People… “Nonpartisan” Congresswoman Wears This During FBI Q&A About Emails


Hillary Email Scandal: Congresswoman Wears Hillary Campaign Pin During FBI Q&A




On Monday, FBI Director James Comey was testifying before Congress trying to explain why he gave immunity to some of the key players in the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  It is pretty clear to everyone by now that he completely blew the investigation by basically making up his own interpretation of the law.  An interesting moment happened during his testimony though and it’s getting a lot of attention today.

Check out what one liberal congresswoman was wearing while pretending to be questioning Comey from a nonpartisan perspective.




I’m sorry, what?  Did you not know you were coming to work today?

Here’s more from the great team over at Media Research Center:





I’m sure she was dead set on getting to the bottom of a scandal involving a woman she was currently wearing a campaign pin for.

This is exactly what people are sick and tired of in Washington.


Source: YoungCons

by Andrew Mark Miller


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