Hillary, Lost $6 Billion of YOUR MONEY, Then Bashes Trump Over $1 Billion Loss of HIS MONEY

Hillary Clinton brought out the “big guns” and shamed Donald Trump for losing nearly a billion dollars of HIS MONEY in a single year.

She stated…“What kind of genius loses $1 billion in a single year?”

Hillary Clinton lost $6 billion taxpayer dollars while she was head of the State Department.
Which loss hurt us more?

EVEN BETTER…Hypocrite Hillary strikes again when she used the same tax avoidance law as Trump to save money on her taxes.

Let’s hope Trump exposes these facts in his rallies and in the next debate. Bankruptcy is not illegal…. Losing 6 billion dollars is many things; incompetent, criminal, embezzlement, treason, and Clintonesque!

Not to mention that she also claimed a $700,000 loss in 2014. How do you lose that much as a private citizen without owning a business? Seems Hillary is good for something!….hiding money.

Trump takes risks. Real Estate development is ALWAYS going to be a big risk. It’s called BUSINESS, something Hillary knows nothing about.

There are so many differences between these candidates, you can’t even begin to name them all, but what is worth mentioning is that Hillary swindles, cheats, steals, and sells out our safety for cash.

Trump invests in America….making America a better place. What does Hillary do? She invests in Iran and reflects the plans of Islamic Supremacists, worldwide. Bottomline, her focus is “making Hillary great”.

Hopefully, everyone saw this. TAKE A LOOK and be sure to watch ALL the way through (it’s not long).


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