BREAKING: Russia Threatens To NUKE This American State…


BREAKING: Russia Threatens To NUKE This American State…





Moscow Weather News Discusses Striking U.S. in Nebraska with a NUKE…


A weather broadcast on the state channel Rossiya 24 on Oct. 5, discussed the impact of a potential nuclear strike on the United States.
Rossiya is owned and operated by VGTRK, the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.
Russian state channel Rossiya 24, deleted the segment overnight from their official website, however, it can still be seen on social media.

The report tied an analysis of Russia’s early warning radar systems into Russian weather outlook.  The country’s RTI radar station in Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk region announced earlier that day that it had successfully identified a ballistic missile’s precise trajectory on a practice range.

As part of the unedited report, the host discussed the potential impact of a nuclear explosion in the U.S. state of Nebraska, explaining that it would knock out electronic devices as far away as southern Canada.
This is the same station that aired a segment back in October of 2015, where they discussed weather conditions in Syria and how the weather would affect Russian pilots carrying out airstrikes.

The edited version of the broadcast now appears on youtube, however, it does not cover the Nebraska nuke segment.
Here is the unedited version:



The truth of this comes straight from Moscow, they are the ones who addressed it and Russian government then had them edit the clip and release it.  I find that funny, because they do not deny it but they have it edited.

Yep it happened, but we are going to edit the clip for the sheep of the world, they do not need to know Russian business.  Off though, how they discuss Syrian weather for their pilots and then a few months later, Russian pilots are bombing in Syria.  Food for thought!

This is the second time that a Russian TV station has discussed a nuclear war with the U.S., this week.  The American media will never inform the public, they do as they are told and spit out lies and propaganda.


Sources: Moscow Times



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