SHE DID WHAT? 8-Month-Old Baby Stabbed 90 Times With Scissors By His Own Mother


Mom Stabs Son 90 Times With Scissors After Being Bitten While Breastfeeding


An 8-month-old baby in China was found covered in a pool of his own blood after his mother stabbed him 90 times with scissors.




According to the boy’s uncle, baby Xiao Bao was found bleeding in the backyard. He rushed him to the hospital in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province. After receiving more than 100 stitches, it was discovered that the boy’s mother allegedly attacked her baby when he accidentally bit her during breastfeeding.


Credit: News/Rex


In these gruesome photos, Bao is shown with stitches all over his face, legs, and feet. The Daily Mail reported that neighbors in China have asked the local government to take the baby away from his mother, but somehow, that request was denied. Thankfully, Bao’s two uncles, who make a living selling recyclables have agreed to watch over the young child.


Credit: News/Rex


While it’s unclear whether the mother was charged or arrested, reports from the local government show that they are investigating to see if she suffers from mental illness. If she is charged and convicted, she will likely be sentenced to life in prison according to (International Business Times).




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