VIDEO: These Solar Panels Killed 6,185 In One Year Alone… They Literally “Incinerate” Them In Mid Air


Multi Billion Dollar Solar Plant Incinerates Bugs and Birds


The video you are about to see is of the Ivanpah Solar Plant.  It was built using a 1.6 billion dollar loan from Uncle Sam and 600 million of their own resources.  You might wonder why the government would loan such a vast amount of money for this project.  There are reasons.  The first is Google.  One of the most frequent visitors to the White House and one of the leaders of it’s propaganda campaign.  The company is only kept afloat by huge government subsidies and exorbitant electricity prices.



A megawatt hour of energy from Ivanpah costs 200 dollars in the summer and 135 dollars the rest of the year.  By comparison electricity generated by natural gas costs a mere 35 dollars a megawatt hour all year round.  The plant has had all sorts of problems.  First of all, it’s not generating anywhere close to what it promised and the plant will need an extension or it will have to close, taking a lot of taxpayer money with it.  The Department of Energy is willing to give them the time but individuals and businesses are upset by the high prices the plant charges on top of the generous subsidies from Uncle Barack.

There is also the little matter of the plant blinding pilots flying overhead and the fact that the plant caught one of it’s three steam towers on fire, melting pipes and other features.

But, I digress.  Here is the video.  You won’t see birds falling towards the ground, you will only see puffs of smoke that was formerly the birds.  According to plant figures, Ivanpah killed 6,185 birds in 2015, but my guess is they drastically underestimate the numbers:





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