BREAKING VIDEO: Top CNN Anchor Messes Up BIG TIME! Admits THIS on Live Television… Clinton Crew in Full Panic Mode


BREAKING NEWS: CNN video surfaces with Chris Cuomo, the brother of New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, admitting that his colleagues at CNN gave Clinton a “free ride” by being her “biggest contributors.”


That’s right folks. You’ve heard Trump say it — time and time again — the media is the biggest contributor to Clinton’s campaign.

“The lies corruption and false accusations of the crooked Clinton campaign and the mainstream media which they control and use quite viciously. They want to distract us from Wikileaks. They want to keep us from talking about the issues.”

Well now, the Clinton News Network (formerly known as the Cable News Network) is dropping all pretenses: they are in the tank for Clinton.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to the son and brother of two Democratic Governors.



This is not going to get any easier folks. This is an uphill battle and you can expect at least ten more women and possibly some number of animals to come forward as “victims.” This is what the left does and it isn’t a game plan that is simply relegated to the United States. All around the world, nationalists, conservatives, and patriots are struggling to regain some sense of control over their lives




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