Seasoned (Voting) Volunteer Weeps After What She Just Witnessed… Do Our Votes Really Matter?


Our Votes Can Be Manipulated…


I thought this crazy stuff only happened in the movies.  The results of the following vote is going to stir up some emotions I guarantee it.


The volunteer seen below was absolutely crushed when she seen it happen right before her eyes. “How can this be happening to our elections?” she said.



“Our country is one country pretending to be another country.”


Even the voting official in charge was floored by the results…



“I don’t know exactly how to describe what …what I saw here. Ummm….”


I believe that said it all.


We’re Going to Let the Following Video Tell the Story.  Here We Go.



You Need To SHARE This! When You Vote, Ask Those Responsible How The Process Works… Your Vote Does Matter.


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