10 facts why abortion should be banned!

Sometimes the circumstances that surround a pregnancy can be considered very tragic. Maybe the pregnant woman has been raped or her health may be at risk if she continues with the pregnancy. However, as much as those circumstances are considered a tragedy, there is no common sense that would explain how another tragedy would be the right answer to this problem.

1. Abortion is murder.


Photo Credit: thefederalist.com

An unborn human child is a living and a unique human being, with an unrepeatable and distinct genetic code and right from the moment of fertilization it is a fact that a new human life has entered into existence. This fact should not be confused with liberal ideas that with abortion you only destroy a potential of a human life, it is actually life that abortion destroys. The definition that life begins at conception can be found in any respectable medical textbook, even though it starts only as a single cell, but it is still considered alive, no matter what size or weight it is.

2.  It is a violation of civil rights.


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The US Constitution says that every human being has the right to life. This means that abortion is a violation to a civil right and a violation to the Constitution itself. According to science, unborn babies and fetuses are considered to be alive from the moment they have been conceived and therefore, they have been deprived of their basic right in a discriminatory fashion, meaning they have been deprived of life.


3. Abortion is harmful to women.


Photo Credit: americanpregnancy.org

There have been medical cases where abortion can harm a woman’s health in a direct manner, whether it is mental, physical, emotional or relational harm. Furthermore, there have been countless cases where the woman loses her own life due to abortion. It is scientifically proven that through abortion many women have experiences miscarriages and with every abortion the chances to reproduce ever again are lesser and lesser. Also, abortion is one of the causes of female infertility if it is done the wrong way. Abortion can result in medical complications later in life, with the risk of ectopic pregnancies nearly doubles and the chances of a miscarriage and a pelvic inflammatory diseases increase.