10 Scandals Hillary Clinton does not want you to know!

Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been involved in many scandals in the past couple of decades and here is a quick reminder of some of the most notable scandals that people forget.

1. Whitewater Scandal

Hillary and Bill Clinton were partners in a real estate development firm Whitewater Development Corp in Arkansas, along with their friends James and Susan McDougal. Supposedly the development firm has delved in illegal behavior, such as political and financial favors, campaign contributions and tax benefits. After some investigation, the McDougals were jailed for fraud, as well as Clinton’s successor, Governor Jim Tucker and municipal judges Eugene Fitzhugh and David Hale. The Clintons were proven clean as apparently they have done nothing illegal.


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2. Chinagate

During the Clinton –Gore 1996 campaign, Bill and Hillary were allegedly instrumental in taking bribes from Chinese banks in order to help the low poll numbers. The Democratic National Committee took funds directly from the Chinese embassy in Washington DC and supposedly Hillary instructed then-Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown to sell seats on his department trade missions. The scandal was hushed up, because Monica Lewinsky’s case took over the media.


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3. Travelgate Scandal

Bill Clinton’s cousin Catherine Cornelius wished to become the director of the travel office of the White House and Hillary herself fired seven employees from the travel office and instead gave their position to friends from Arkansas. No one from the White House was able to retrieve the records of the firing. Additionally, Hillary attempted to secure an airline contract to a friend and when unsuccessful she persuaded the FBI to investigate then-Head of the Travel Office Billy Dale, ruining his career and auditing him by the IRS in the next three years.


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4. Filegate Scandal

Hillary Clinton supposedly requested FBI files on certain individuals from Craig Livingston, the director of the White House Office of Personnel Security. He was accused of “improperly” accessing FBI files on hundreds of individuals, mainly people from Republican administrations. Livingston was hired personally by Hillary Clinton and it is suspected that he accessed the FBI files on her request. She called the scandal a “completely honest bureaucratic snafu”.


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